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Nebraska Farm Business Inc.

Yielding Success Through Financial Management

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Farm Management:

Decisions vs the Bottom Line (June 2017)

Financial Tune-Up (April 2017)

Cash Flows and Tax Planning (October 2016)

Cash Rent Webinar (August 2016)

Deteriorating Working Capital (July 2016)

Cash Rent Increases (August 2015)

Cost of Production: Years with Low Crop Prices (June 2015)

Can I Afford This? (June 2015)

Nebraska Agland Market Highlights (Bruce Johnson, UNL, April 2013)

Farm Bill Outlook (Brad Lubben, UNL, March 2013)

Beginning Farmer Webinar (State of Nebraska, August 2012)

Beginning Farmer Slides (State of Nebraska, August 2012)

Income Tax:

Section 199A Deductions

Tax Reform in 2017 - Update

Elimination of 1031 Exchanges for Personal Property

Tax Reform in 2017

Who Needs a 1099?

Tax Planning in Low Years (October 2016)

IRA's and Retirement Funds (December 2015)

Giving? What You Need to Document for Charitable Contributions (October 2015)

Farm Prepaids: Are You Doing it Correct? (October 2015)

Casualty Losses (May 2014)

American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012-Part 1 (Depreciation-Section 179 & Bonus, January 2013)


American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012-Part 2 (Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax & Additional Medicare Tax Rates, January 2013)                      


American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012-Part 3 (Miscellaneous Items, January 2013)


Tax Changes Due to Fiscal Cliff (January 2013)

Tax Consequences to Drought Review (August 2012)

NFBI State Averages:

2016 Net Farm Income from Averages

2015 NFBI Whole State Averages Webinar

2015 NFBI Top Efficient Averages Webinar

2011 NFBI Whole State Averages Webinar

2011 NFBI Whole State Averages Slides


Employee vs. Independent Contractor (August 2016)

New Overtime Rules (August 2016)


Obamacare: Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (August 2012)

Sales Tax:

Sales Tax Exemption for Agricultural Repair Parts (October 2014)